Glytone Chemical Peel

Glytone, the expert in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), provides reliable and predictable peel systems and has created an incredibly diverse line of peels. Glytone has designed systems and formulas for photo-damaged skin, dark spots, acne-prone skin – even for sensitive skin prone to redness.

Regular cell turnover and exfoliation are important to healthy skin.  With chronological again, as well as exposure to environmental damage (including UV rays), our desquamation slows.  This can lead to a buildup of dead surface skin cells, followed by the appearance of a dull complexion, and compromised skin barrier function. Professional peels help to accelerate exfoliation for a more even and radiant complexion.

  • Smoother and softer skin texture
  • Improved skin tone and radiance
  • Diminished appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size
  • Reduced appearance of dark spots
  • Reduced appearance of oily, acne-prone skin
  • Reduced appearance of redness
  • Reduced appearance of acne scars

After addressing your skin care needs with our Estheticians, our experts will determine which peels are best for you.

Customized Chemical Peels

 These peels are beneficial for all skin types and conditions. Our esthetician will choose which type of peel is best for your skin type. We have a variety of Glytone Peels with formulations of Glycolic, Salicylic and Mandelic. These peels target pigmentation, anti-aging, acne, redness and skin rejuvenation.

*We recommend a series of peels to achieve the optimal effect  and skin care products to prep the skin 2-3 weeks prior to the peel. Must discontinue all retinol products 7-10 days prior to treatment. Please schedule a skin care consultation if you have never had a peel with us before.

Glycolic Acid: Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin for a youthful, radiant complexion.

Salicylic Acid 30: Break away from blemish prone skin.

Mandelic Acid: Combat redness for calm and relieved skin.

20 min.  $125

Clinical Peel

Results driven deep peel that will reverse a variety of skin conditions.  Your skin will need to be prepped with at home skin care products prior to receiving this peel for the best results. You will see a dramatic change in pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture. Our esthetician will choose which type of peel is best for your skin type with our medium to deep peels with formulations of Jessner’s , Pyruvic and TCA. 

*We recommend a series of peels to achieve the optimal results. The skin must be prepped with at home products 2-3 weeks prior to performing this peel. Please schedule a skin care consultation prior to scheduling this service if you have never received a peel with us before. We will not be able to perform this peel if the skin isn’t prepped first. 

*Must discontinue all retinol products 7-10 days prior to treatment.

Pyruvic: Enhance skin tone and clarity for a smooth, revitalized complexion.

Jessner: Defy visible signs of aging and discolored skin for a radiant complexion.

TCA: Brighten your skin for a more even and radiant skin tone.

Brightening: Reveal brighter and smoother skin for younger looking skin.

20 min.  $175

** Before and After of one of our chemical peel clients after 1 series of peels **

Client deals with hyperpigmentation, occasional breakouts and scarring

Before the Procedure:

  • Use appropriate products recommended by your Esthetician to prepare your skin for the peel.  This ensures optimized results.
  • Use of any products containing high strength AHAs, BHAs, Benzoyl Peroxide and topical retinoids should be discontinued at least 10 days prior to the peel
  • Do not wax the areas to be peeled for 10 to 15 days prior to the procedure
  • Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of procedure

After the Procedure (7-14 days)

  • Follow post-procedure care (Click here to download this form)
  • Avoid sun exposure by wearing protective clothing
  • Daily use of sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is necessary throughout the peeling process.  Sunscreen must be reapplied every 2 hours to remain effective.
  • Do not rub or scratch the areas that were treated
  • Do not pull your skin to facilitate the peeling
  • Avoid using any products containing Retinoids and other drying, peeling agents.
  • Do not use scrubs or abrasive cleansers
  • Wait a minimum of 2-6 hours before contact with water (depending on peel used) and avoid strenuous exercise on the day of the procedure.

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