After my massage, I can’t believe how relaxed and refreshed my body feels. I am relaxed satisfied customer when I leave. I will keep coming back. My 60-minute massages are so relaxing both physically and mentally that I simply never want to leave. I also sleep so well afterward giving me new energy the next day. I actually get a full hour massage and I don’t feel like I am rushed.

Denise D.

Over these past three months, my stress level has increased. After each visit, as of late, I’ve come to truly appreciate Erin’s compassionate healing touch” She describes her experience as “Immeasurable bliss” and would like everyone to know that her soul says Thanks!!
Heidi D.

I’ve been coming to Erin for the past 3 years. Not only do I enjoy the relaxation of a full facial but my skin feels and looks so much healthier. I always feel refreshed, pampered and glowing when I leave.
Heike J.

I was very tired, barely functioning, I came in and received a foot detox (3 days in a row). I felt a lot better, my energy levels were up with everything that was pulled out. No wonder I felt bad. I am so excited that there is finally some place around that offers these opportunities to better yourself.
Carletta G.

Erin, That was an extraordinary facial. Why would anyone spend $95 on dinner or two dinners, or a week of lunches, when one could spend their money on a transformation such as I had last evening? This morning I awoke with no alarm at 4:15 am (and I’m not an early riser!) totally refreshed, renewed and eager to start the day. I can only attribute that to your signature facial. Truly.
Barbara V.

I’ve had facials and body treatments that have been an experience that makes me feel good about myself. My skin is clearer than I ever remember since being a teenager. The products Erin has recommended have been really good products to help correct problems giving you the best skin. I’ve not only bought them for myself but also my family and they have found the same results.
Terri T.

The total experience keeps me coming back. The environment, the professionalism in Erin, and a great product line!” She describes her experience as “Fantastic!!”
Mary Jane C.

It’s a professional big city spa experience with all the personal touches of a small boutique. I so appreciate that it’s not attached to a hair salon with all the distractions. It’s a very relaxing experience that just melts away the stress. And my skin feels so much better – a great investment in my own well being. Thanks so much! – Leta gives Skin Deep Day Spa a “5 Stars – Very Happy” rating.
Leta H.

My experience with Nicole was “Amazing.” When I first started coming I had shoulder pain, knots in my back and low energy. After coming I sleep better, have less or no shoulder pain, more energy, and less stress build up in my back. – Describing one or two benefits she most valued she said: Sleep – the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep not waking up with shoulder pain. More flexible and range of motion.
Colleen L.

Lauren made me feel very relaxed and paid special attention to my tight areas.
Ave V.

Begin your relaxation now.